Our energy future has one primary challenge: to find an inexpensive energy source which cuts the world’s carbon output.

The good news is that renewable energy is moving forward at an incredible rate. Some of the world’s finest minds are constantly progressing renewable technologies. This progress is demonstrated brilliantly by Bill Gates during his TEDtalk presentation.

The Reality

We’ve been actively involved in renewable energy since 2004 – and while there has been undoubted progress in this field (despite the amount of R&D funding being too low), the reality is that people aren’t ready to accept the energy challenges we face.

A large part of this is simply down to the low cost of existing fossil fuels. It may seem counter-intuitive, but fossil fuels are relatively cheap in comparison to alternative energy sources – so people will understandably be happy to use them.

Another factor is our habits of living. Take a look around the street you live in – while you and many of your neighbours are likely to list sustainable energy and climate change as a priority – but it’s hard to adapt the homes we live in and the method of transport we use.

We’re making progress. But until alternative energy is cheap and easy to use, we’ll struggle to make the meaningful changes that we need.

How Reality Impacts Our Work

We understand how people think about energy when we undertake mechanical and electrical design projects – it’s a question of optimising the existing building services and suggesting cost effective renewable solutions.

The first step of this process is assessing how we can reduce, save and conserve a building’s energy consumption. We do this through a process called thermal modelling.

Our approach to design is quite unique in this way. We don’t look at renewable technology until all building services (fabric, fenestration, ventilation, lighting and services) are fully optimised. Only when this stage is complete do we suggest renewable solutions to get the building as energy efficient as possible.

Want To Optimise Your Energy?

We can carry out energy assessments on private and domestic buildings of any size.

Take a look through our testimonials and services for some further information on how we can optimise performance and save money when it comes to energy.

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