We recently completed work for the newly opened Exelby Services on the Coneygarth site in North Yorkshire. As well as being appointed as the electrical and mechanical design consultants, our team were also the project’s BREEAM assessors. BREEAM is an internationally recognised rating for determining a building’s sustainability – and we’re pleased to confirm that the Truck Stop Tank Farm and Forecourt Shop at the Exelby Services has been awarded a ‘Very Good’ rating.

The development was designed to replace the Londonderry site, with Coneygarth being selected because of the lack of HGV fuelling facilities in the surrounding area. The new site provides visitors with 24/7 facilities, including a shop, food and drink outlets, fuelling stations and a lorry park.

The Exelby Services Tank Farm and Forecourt Shop joins the top 25% of new non-domestic UK buildings to achieve the ‘Very Good’ rating. In order to achieve a ‘Very Good’ rating, the project had to meet the minimum requirements in a number of areas, including responsible sourcing. energy and water monitoring, and sustainable procurement. The BREEAM rating of ‘Very Good’ indicates that the project has implemented advanced good practices which will allow the development to perform at a level that will restrict its impact on the environment.

BREEAM assessments are becoming a normal part of new developments and projects as it is the most comprehensive way of measuring just how a building will perform in terms of sustainability and the impact on the environment. With BREEAM becoming so widespread, it opens designers and developers up to considering processes and systems which are more energy efficient, resulting in a much lower impact on the environment. An assessment doesn’t just take into account how a building will or does perform – it also considers the impact of the construction and development of the project, creating a clear illustration of a building’s environmental performance. Our team possesses all UK and International BREEAM licenses, so we are licensed to carry out assessments on all domestic and non-domestic structures.

If you have any further questions regarding our BREEAM assessment credentials and want to find out whether we can help you deliver cost and carbon savings in your development, please email shaun@darlingtonpr.uk or call a member of our team.