Project Overview

When developing a series of farm buildings into luxury residential accommodation, maximising energy efficiency was a priority for property owner Sir Mark Wrightson. Keen to ‘do his bit’ to keep the luxury property’s carbon footprint low, Wrightson wanted an efficient alternative heating system rather than oil.

Viessmann installation partner Parsec Consulting Engineers Ltd designed and installed a heat pump system to provide the property with heating and hot water, with in-line electrical heater support.

As free space surrounding the barns was limited, project manager Shaun Ackerley was required to carry out detailed calculations to ensure the heat pump’s collectors would be large enough to draw sufficient heat from the ground, whilst avoiding obstacles such as external drains and foundations.

The Vitocal 242-G heat pump supplies warm water to under-floor heating systems throughout the property, whilst a Vitocell 220-litre buffer cylinder stores hot water for when it’s needed. A Viessmann inline electrical heater supports the heat pump when outdoor temperatures are especially low.

As well as fitting the heat pump itself, Parsec Consulting Engineers Ltd included Vitotrol 200 controls to tie the whole installation together. The controls are fully integrated into the heat pump unit and govern when support from the electric heater is required.

Savings Approaching £1,000 Per Year

The heating system is now harvesting 23,127 kWh of free energy from the ground every year. Compared to an oil-fired boiler, the installed system is using 75 percent less energy to run, the equivalent of £981 per year. Support from the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive is expected to provide an additional £1,200 per year when it comes into effect, which would see the installation costs recouped within seven years.

“A primary objective for this project was to provide the expertise necessary for the customer to make significant energy savings. This was the first time Sir Mark had considered ground-coupled heating technology, and a positive experience would make him more likely to consider similar installations for other luxury developments he had planned for the future,” says Shaun Ackerley, managing director of Parsec Consulting Engineers.

“We are seeing an increasing number of domestic and commercial clients wanting to reduce energy consumption with renewable technology. But still, many are unsure of the level of expertise needed to install these technologies to the required standard.”